Rape Prevention Education

New in 2009, this program is dedicated to the prevention of rape and sexual violence in our community. The first year, a community assessment was performed with input from a community wide task force. In the second year, intervention strategies were initiated based on results of the assessment. Currently, Rape Prevention Education (RPE) is being implemented with every 6th grade (290) and every 9th grade (350) student in our county. SAFE’s RPE Coordinator facilitates weekly RPE programs during Health and Physical Education classes for both Middle and High School Students.¬† SAFE’s evidence-based prevention programs are designed to raise awareness of what constitutes healthy relationships, give students an opportunity to build and strengthen coping skills, and practice positive decision making skills. These goals are met through direct instruction and fun, interactive exercises throughout the class. SAFE’s RPE programming¬† has been extremely successful in our county and that success is directly related to the School System’s continued support and ownership of the role of prevention programs in the students overall educational experience.


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