SAFE Thanks All its Volunteers!

With over 200 Volunteers, you know they are THE backbone of SAFE!

They serve on SAFE's Board of Directors, guiding the organization and finding the resources to help a growing number of victims who receive SAFE programs and services. They assist SAFE's professionals at the shelter, in court and at the hospital, helping victims directly. They work at SAFE's Attic and Attic Interiors, helping to pay for everything SAFE does for victims. They work in the office, helping keep everything up to date and running smoothly. And they work behind the scenes, supporting the organization in hundreds of ways.

Call 828-885-7233 to volunteer today! Volunteer Coordinator Randi Bucci will find the ideal spot for you where you can help out & have fun doing it! You may download a volunteer application by clicking here. Thank you for joining Team SAFE!

Volunteer Dinner June 17, 2015

Thank you to all who came to our first Volunteer Dinner! It was held at Cummings Cove in Etowah, with food by Dugan's Pub. We are grateful for all our volunteers do for SAFE and for our community.

Group at TableDoor Prizes Dance FoodLunchNancy C & Dottie T
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